“Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques any actor can use to access the free flow of creative expression and help clear a pathway for greater freedom in all areas. Parlan McGaw’s experience as both an actor and a meditator make him uniquely suited to help fellow artists learn to develop this indispensable skill.”

—Brian Scott McFadden

Actor/Stand-Up Comic

“The techniques in Parlan’s class brought me closer to the truth of my work than years with other methods. Parlan is a thoughtful, peaceful, and caring teacher who has a very clear vision for how this exciting work can change the actor and the person inside.”

—Peter Bisgaier
Actor, Playwright, Director:
Off-Off Broadway, Regional, Film

“The biggest shift I have had as an actor occurred when I began to let meditation influence my craft. Parlan’s meditation techniques helped me touch a basic, less cluttered self and erase the divide between the ‘me’ I bring to the stage and the ‘me’ I bring everywhere else. Parlan is not only a terrific actor and teacher, he is a ray of clear light.”

—Noelle Holly
Actor: Off-Off Broadway, Regional, Film & TV, Industrials

“The eight days I spent in Vermont participating in an acting workshop that involved a strong emphasis in meditation led by Parlan McGaw, were the most influential to me as an actor and served as a turning point for my work. The work was revelatory to me. I discovered more about myself and I started paying closer attention to my instincts and started taking greater risks. Meditation practice creates a gentler more creative space to work from. I was able to stay focused, not only in my acting work but every aspect of life.”

—Gayle Staffanson

Actor: Regional

“As a first-time meditator in Parlan’s class, I found that his simple delight and confidence in this work opened the door for me. I quickly learned how valuable meditation was in stilling the inner voices that too often interfere with concentration. Somehow after a meditation session, I was much more able to set aside my anxiety about getting up to do a scene in the acting class. For me, as an actor, one of the loveliest things about meditation, is that it offers a direct experience which shares a very simple truth with the acting process. Both simply ask me to be present and open. Amidst all of the ideas and analysis that can muddle the acting process, meditation is direct, immediate, and accessible.”

—Joy Besozzi


“Meditation is good for me as an actor because it focuses me, relaxes me, helps the pieces fall into place, strengthens my ability to concentrate, and reminds me to trust and respect the quieter places in myself. Parlan is a gentle and sensitive teacher and he knows the key tools that actors need.”

—Kate Udall

Actor: Off Broadway, Regional, Film & TV