Meditation for Actors provides practical tools for cultivating the crucial mental skills of presence, focus, receptivity, and
spontaneity, as well as the emotional range and availability essential to compelling acting. Classes also offer techniques for working with stage fright, audition nerves, and other anxieties that actors often face.

The Core Practice

The core discipline of Meditation for Actors is the practice of mindfulness meditation, which is simply basic training in being present and aware, in the here and now. Although some people think of meditation as going into a trance or zoning out, this practice is a way of opening up and tuning in—to a quiet place within us, the place that our creativity arises from. We settle down and clear space in our minds so that our full range of emotions and imagination can flow freely.                                           

Designed for Actors

But Meditation for Actors is more than simply a meditation class. You also learn meditative exercises designed specifically for actors, to develop presence, train your sense perceptions, heighten spatial awareness, and work with fear and resistance. And the class provides the opportunity to apply these exercises directly to your acting, so you can experience their beneficial effects for yourself and witness their effects on other actors as well. Group discussions reinforce the work.

Supporting Your Craft

Meditation for Actors will complement and enhance the other work you do and the training you’ve had. You’ll come away better equipped to:

•   Get “out of your head” and enjoy more freedom and spontaneity

•   Open your heart and deepen emotional authenticity

•   Be present

•   Release physical and mental tension

•   Deal with stage fright

•   Ride the ups and downs of the acting business

•   Feel confident in auditions and performance

Based in New York City, Meditation for Actors can be presented in half-day, one-day, weekend, or one-week workshops; in ongoing weekly classes; or in individual one-on-one sessions.

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Photos by Jane Stevens